Branding vs Marketing

by Outbox Business Consulting September 24, 2020

How Branding And Marketing Work Together

Crafting your brand and marketing strategy can be overwhelming at first if you aren’t sure how they influence and marry each other. As a business owner, it is important that you understand both branding and marketing, so that you can effectively incorporate them in your strategies.




The first question you encounter is,

“Which comes first?”

To make it is easier, we have answered that for you, ‘Branding comes before marketing’.




How do we go from branding to marketing?

Branding is a process that consists of establishing your brand name, logo, tagline and image. Marketing consists of sending this image you have created out to the world and developing strategies to reach the potential customers. In simple words, Branding is strategic while Marketing is tactical.

Branding and marketing should be put together to produce best results. While working on branding it is important to consider the marketing strategy and sync the two together.

The Importance of Understanding Branding Vs Marketing

Branding is at the core of you’re marketing strategy. It is essential to get clarity before you begin to devise the marketing strategies and tactics.

Below infographics on Branding Vs Marketing list some of the key differences between the two.


As a bottomline, remember that Branding is not a one time practice or investment that you need to do only at the start of business. It is an ongoing activity and serves timeless benefits and progression as an organization. Without branding, you may achieve success but with branding your success will be far more substantial.


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