How to Create SEO Friendly Homepage

by Outbox Business Consulting April 30, 2020

A homepage is the virtual front door of your company. A homepage serves various purposes. It is one of the pages’ users will visit to get information about your business. It also plays an important role in creating the lasting impression of your brand. To improve the performance of your homepage, you need to incorporate elements that attract traffic, educate visitors and invite conversions.

What is Homepage SEO?

 The course of optimizing your website homepage for any search engine is called Homepage SEO. Homepage SEO is important for all websites, whether it is for small website, ecommerce store, corporate website or for a blog.

Why you should SEO optimize your homepage?

 There are many reasons as to why it is vital to optimize the homepage even if this is not one of the pages you expect to get high rankings. A homepage is a welcoming page and your main user guide for your website. Even google will use this information to create your websites’ entry in the SERPs when user search for your domain. Homepage SEO can make your website more authoritative and high-quality in building brand awareness within your audience as well as with Google or other search engines.


What are homepage SEO techniques that get real results?



  1. Choose a Title: Make sure your title is simple and clear. Add your business name in the beginning of your title. Don’t just use your brand name but include keywords that represents your business line.
  2. Construct a Clear Meta Description: Your meta description should supplement the title by offering a brief description of what you offer. It can strengthen your homepage CTR (click-through-rate) and drive people to your site.
  3. Site Structure & Easy Navigation: Navigations plays an important role for any website. To reduce the bounce rate, give your user a clear path into your site from the homepage. Make sure all-important pages are accessed in no more than 3 clicks.
  4. Create an Engaging Content: Best way to draw the visitors’ attention is through your homepage content so that they can gather information about you and your services. Make sure that your content includes your target keywords. Plug your core content into the first few sections to grab the attention of users right away.
  5. Supportive Images: An image can communicate instantly. Use images that capture emotions and cause actions in your homepage. Presence of relevant images on any page not only makes it more likable but also give signal to search engine crawlers about your content. Make sure to use high quality images to optimize it for mobile users.
  6. Embed a Video: Videos are another fun technique to have it on the homepage. More and more people are watching these videos to get the information they want fast. A homepage explainer video can also help keep your users on your page longer, which is absolute win for SEO purpose.
  7. Call-to-Action:On homepage, CTAs can beckon users to contact you via call, email, chat or subscription button. Bottom lineIncluded CTA on your homepage to offer additional future conversion rates opportunities.
  8. Social Proof & Testimonials: Social proof is one powerful tool of trust. If you can demonstrate your brand reliability through your customers’ written reviews, quotes or case studies, you can gain the trust of visitors. Include a few of your best testimonies of your clients with their short profile and picture on your homepage to claim credibility.
  9. Rewards & Recognition: In addition to customer testimony, award and recognition of your brand can also create a positive impression. This is the best page to showcase all your accomplishments for your homepage visitors.
  10. Mobile Responsiveness: 60% of searches on google are now from mobile and it is obligatory to have a mobile friendly homepage. Second important point is to optimize the homepage loading time for better user experience.

Bottom line, homepage SEO is key for all kinds of websites. With above mentioned techniques, you can build a trustworthy page for the users to explore the site.

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